Appreciation goes a long way on the job. As the workday grows longer, as employees scramble to cover for a co-worker or irritability is peaked due to an intense project, thanking employees and showing them that they have value creates strong and positive team relationships.

Here are a few ways to show an employee appreciation:

  1. Say please and thank you! Great job! Lead with praise over criticism. No one wants to hear what’s wrong with their project before they hear what’s right.
  2. Listen to your team member’s comments and surprise them with something you know they like: A box of tea, an office plant, a gift card to the movies for landing a new client.
  3. Everyone loves surprises! Order pizza, sandwiches or catered food in occasionally. Try a coffee and tea cart with fresh pastries. Roll in a popcorn machine for a week or set-up an ice cream bar one afternoon.
  4. Walk around the office; stay involved, connect with everyone. If some workers are remote, call them. While a praiseworthy text or email might feel encouraging to you, a phone call of thanks often makes a bigger impact.

Appreciating employees, thanking them and respecting them are natural ways to recognize their value and acknowledging their talents are necessary steps for building a healthy team.

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